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What is Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) and how does it work?

Muscle testing uses the body's own computer, the brain, and its circuits of interaction with organs, muscles, and diverse tissues to determine the internal integrity of the body.

Muscle testing is a biofeedback mechanism related to energy flow and balance in the acupuncture meridians. Massaging certain reflex points or even simply touching them, will often result in a balanced situation in the whole body and the relief from pain, discomfort, physical and emotional stress.


Touch For Health

A Natural Therapy programme, taught over 4 levels of 16 hours duration each. It is a hands-on health maintenance system that enables non medical professionals to help each other within a framework of self responsibility through powerful, yet safe tools and muscle balancing techniques.

In the workshops you will learn about:

  • The Energy and Power of Meridians
  • The Balancing Process
  • Touch Reflexes for Muscle Strengthening
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • The Chinese Law of the Five Elements
    • (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood)
  • And much more!!

The System is designed to maintain postural and energetic equilibrium through muscle balancing and has been proved to provide effective relief.


Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym

Brain Power training incorporates EduK and Brain Gym principles. The physical activities of Edu K and Brain Gym are easy and enjoyable, and they bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in concentration, memory, reading, writing, listening, physical coordination and more.

Brain Gym develops the brain's neural pathways the way that nature does: through movement. The activities are valuable for older children and adults and in our experience, enhanced performance in all areas of learning is commonplace.

Brain Power workshops introduce techniques for people wishing to either improve their own performance, or to use them to enhance the learning abilities of their family members. The benefits extend to improved performance in sporting activities, the commercial sector and all aspects of learning.

Sports Kinesiology ( Hyperton-X)

This modality deals with the concept of restoring muscles to their full range of movement following situations where these same muscles may have been under stress, strain or injury caused by a diverse set of circumstances.

The correcting techniques are simple and easy to learn, yet can yield positive results to restore pain free movement and balance in the body.

 -The Bowen Therapy

This modality is utilised in our practice, sometimes in conjunction with the above Kinesiology Systems or as a stand alone technique.

We have effective track records of success in dealing with various imbalances and conditions in our clients.


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