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Current Training

Discover the "ON" button for your brain with… Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym

Introductory presentations are held from time to time
These programmes have some simple techniques and exercises that have proved to be effective in assisting children who are struggling with learning at school. The routines teach you how to improve reading, concentration, comprehension, coordination, spelling and a whole range of learning challenges naturally.

No special equipment or drugs are used. You can improve your overall wellbeing that will enable you to reach your full potential, whether at school, in the sporting field, or to help you enjoy life more fully. You can eliminate Left Brain/Right Brain learning blocks and so move on to a better and brighter future.

Don & Sylvia Davies are Practitioners and Educators and have been teaching since 1986.
Member  I.K.C

To reserve your place at either a presentation or workshop, phone  0418 432 581 or 0420 926 831



Kinesiology,  Muscle response testing for beginners,
How to test for environmental matters, food, electro magnetic energy, colours, clothing, stress.

Call 0418 432 581 or 0420 926 831 to book your place.


Bookings may be made for a group training, or on a one to one basis.

Touch for Health 1 (min 16 hours). $455

Main teaching concept: The Fourteen Muscle Balance

14 Muscle 'Balance As You Go' Demonstration Pretests:
  Switching on correction exercise
  Central meridian check - zip up, zip down
  Dehydration check
  Permission to test and self responsibility model
Acute indicator muscle testing
Inhibited muscles
Including the 14 muscle tests and correction methods:
  Origin / Insertion
  Spinal reflexes
14 muscle balancing with a goal

The Applications of TFH1
Auricular exercise
Visual inhibition
Cross crawl for fun
Emotional stress release
Surrogate testing
Foods for strengthening
Posture awareness
Simple pain techniques

Touch for Health 2 (min 16 hours) $395

Main teaching concept: The Law of Five Elements

Circuit locating
TFH2 balancing methods
  Spindle cell mechanism
  Golgi tendon apparatus
  Acupuncture holding points
Cerebro spinal technique
Yin / Yang concept
Alarm points for over energy
Meridian wheel balancing
  Beaver dam
  Triangles and squares
  Midday / Midnight law
The theory and practice of five elements
One point correction - correct the first Yin under energy after any over energy

The Applications of TFH2
E.S.R future performance
Meridian massage
Meridian walking for recent pain
Food testing and sensitivity mode
Simple pain techniques
Cross crawl integration exercise

Touch for Health 3 (min 16 hours) $395

Main teaching concept: Reactive muscle theory

Five elements review
5 element balancing with colour as correction
5 element balancing with goal and emotion
Circuit retaining mode
facilitation and inhibition
Introduce new muscles
Reactive muscle theory and practice

The Applications of TFH3
Sedation techniques
Gait testing
E.S.R for defusing past stress and trauma
Pain tapping and chronic pain
Balancing using food and correction

Touch for Health 4 (min 16 hours) $395

5 element emotions
5 element sound balance
Acupuncture holding point theory
Lou points
Time of day balance
Figure eight energy
Neurolymphatic release
Postural stress release
Reactive muscles review
Postural analysis
42 muscles head to toe including standing tests
Information about other kinesiology courses:
  TFH advanced workshop (prereq. for KIT)
  Kinesiology instructor training (KIT)
  Professional kinesiology practitioner (PKP)
  Mini Workshops

Balancing Options:
  with a goal
  with a goal and emotion
  14 muscle fix as you go
  14 + muscle balance
  42 muscle fix as you go
  Wheel options:
    Beaver Dam
    Triangles and squares
    Midday / midnight
    Law of five elements
    Colour balance
    Sound balance
    Nutritional balance


  •  Level1  - $455.00  per level(including a manual) other levels. $395


Swith On Your Brain ( Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym)

Taught in 2 levels:

1: Work Smarter Not Harder

Aims & Objectives
Left brain/right brain

Muscle Kinesiology:
Muscle testing
Indicator muscles


5 Finger Quick Fix
Cook's Technique
Lazy Eights
Goal Re-Patterning
Home Programme
Cross Crawl

4 Areas
Self induced

Study Skills:
Mind mapping

2: Improved Learning Skills

Accurate muscle testing

Switch On:
5 finger quick fix
Central meridian reversal

Attention spans
Temporo mandibular joint
Dynamic gait
Pressure pads

Cooks technique
Temporo mandibular joint
Pressure pads
Integrated marching

Other Techniques:
Lazy eights for pelvis
Cerebro spinal fluid
Pitch, roll and yaw
Surrogate testing
Emotional stress release


Download Parent Checklist (PDF) 12kb

Duration: 2 days per level - 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.


Level1. $455.   Level 2, $395


Sports Kinesiology ( Hyperton-X)

The Frank Malony System of Hypertonic Muscle Release

Taught in 2 levels:

  • Level 1.  $455
  • Level 2.  $395


  • Promotes whole body integration
  • Improves mental and physical performance
  • Overcomes learning difficulties
  • Clears cross crawl switching
  • Reduces pain and chances of injury
  • Increases muscle flexibility
  • Stimulates cerebral spinal fluid flow and cranial-spinal-sacral articulation
  • Improves and corrects deficiencies in:
    • Meridian energy flow
    • Polarity
    • Chakras
    • Food and colouring sensitivities
    • T.M.J.
    • Hyoid
    • Gaits
    • Cloacals
  • Improves the effectiveness of other holistic methods


  • Low reading, writing, math skills
  • Poor comprehension and concentration
  • Difficulty following verbal instructions
  • Lack of coordination
  • Mental confusion
  • Restricted range of movement in muscles
  • Poor memory
  • Low self esteem

Possible Causes

  • Birth trauma
  • Emotional stress
  • Food intolerance
  • Illness
  • Work habits
  • Physical defects
  • Injury
  • High heels
  • Physical exertion
  • Poster
  • Poor diet

Duration: 2 days - 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.


Level 1. $455.  Level 2. $395


General Information

Participants in each of these workshops are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to enjoy their learning experience.

Please phone for an appointment:  0418 432 581 or 0420 926 831

Seminars and training can be designed to meet your individual requirements.

          Consultations by appointment  $85.00

Mini workshops 2 ½ hours: Usually half day or evening sessions.

Introduction to Touch For Health: Learn simple muscle testing

Introduction to Sports Kinesiology (Hyperton-X): Ways to ease muscle tension.

Introduction to Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym: Switch on your Brain

Healthy Eating: Eliminate food sensitivities/allergies

Defusing Stress: Overcome emotional, physical, environmental stress

Healthy Lifestyle: Pep up Programme, more zip to your life



Sunrider Foods

We have an exciting range of products specifically designed to assist the body operate at optimum levels. These foods are based on the Chinese philosophy of regeneration, utilising the Law of the Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood).

These whole foods form a tangible link with the practice of Touch For Health, and they cleanse, nourish and balance the body.

Sunrider is not one of those single product companies. It offers the most diverse line of all natural whole foods, herbal beverages, weight management, sports and fitness, cosmetic and household products on the market today.

doTerra essential oils
A relatively new addition to our range of services. These beautiful oils are not just fragrant, they are used extensively to improve overall health and wellbeing..
Can be used topically, diffused or ingested. We have found them extremely effective in supporting our clients and students.




For all enquiries:-

Contact us on
0418 432 581 or 0420 926 831
11 Ebony Street, Redlynch,QLD 

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