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My son, Jason, was having extreme difficulty at school, learning his "Spelling words" he could only get 1 or 2 out of 15 correct, on a weekly basis. After learning some spelling techniques included in the Edu K programme, the difference was remarkable. In just 6 days, his spelling improved to the extent that he gained 13/14 correct words from his list of 15. His teacher was surprised to say the least!.

KS, Jannali, N.S.W.

Our daughter aged 10 was a poor reader, she lacked confidence and, when attempting to read, she stood on the outsides of her feet and looked very uncomfortable and tense. A visit to the Davies proved profitable. A technique involving correcting some pressure pads in her feet was employed, and her posture improved immediately and her reading went ahead in leaps and bounds. So simple yet so effective.

Jan Hill, Liverpool, N.S.W.

My high school son, brilliant at maths and science, struggled to get his thoughts down on paper. After using a "mind mapping" exercise, his thoughts flowed freely and enabled him to complete his assignments without stress.

Ann, Cairns.

Josh, in Primary school, avoids reading whenever he can. Likes soccer, gymnastics etc. Following a simple home programme to improve his coordination and comprehension, after two weeks, his teacher remarked that his reading had significantly improved, he was less fidgety in class and paid much more attention to the lessons.

L.J. Cairns

Tyler, now 6, at age 2 was bitten on the lip by a dog. Up until then, his speech was progressing naturally, but following the incident he became withdrawn and his speech patterns virtually stopped. Using some repatterning E.K methods, the same day he joined in singing with his brother and sister and his words were clear and I was close to tears.


I was having great difficult walking due to pain and discomfort in tne soles of my feet. After just one session with the Davies, I was able to walk freely and easily without any discomfort at all. Wonderful!

B.H. Cairns
Our son was  struggling with reading and maths. He had no comprehension and his attention spans were down to 2, when the accepted norm is between 5 and 7 sensory inputs.
After 3 sessions, his reading improved, in company with his maths. His teacher reported a much improved  attitude at school  and his attention spans moved up to 4.

S.F. Cairns 

I have been to see many people who do kinesiology. Don and Sylvia are well rounded and offer a high level of knowledge and are leaps and bounds above the average level of others in this field.
P.C. Cairns

Don and Sylvia have changed my life on so many levels. After 34 years of practicing, the wealth of knowledge that this pair has is immeasurable and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
H.C.  Cairns



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